A Secret Meditation Garden

This afternoon, despite being a long weekend, I decided I needed some peace and quiet. I found this cute (although, big enough) little hidden secret “Conticle of the Creatures Secret Meditation Garden” in the small pretty town Collingswood in New Jersey. This garden is located near the Lourdes Wellness Center, which makes it so appropriate too.


As I walked in through the path, past the welcome sign, I was greeted by this small but absolutely unique and cute water feature, with a little koi fish swimming inside. The area was serene and beautiful and you could hear the water from every corner. The garden had wooden benches in a few of the closed off corners and had every element to bring peace and serenity to you: rocks, water, flowers, sand, wooden, rock and metal sculptures and trees.

I have added a few pictures below of the gardens.





After spending just over an hour in this beautiful space, I felt more calm and relaxed and kind of wished I had brought my book. This would make the most perfect reading spot, or to just sit and meditate as it is made for.

I hope you enjoyed my post on the Secret Meditation Garden I was able to find today. Please leave any comments or questions below and let me know if you have any secret, quiet spots you have that you visit for quiet and tranquility and how it makes you feel there. I would love to know.


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