Life with Bee’s One Year Blogiversary

Today marks my one year anniversary for creating and posting my first blog on this site. Granted the first post was just a welcome blog but it was also a new beginning for me. It gave me a reason to visit new places, have new experiences, learn about the states I live close to, take more photographs and try to improve on every skill I can, to continue to write blog posts as well as take great pictures to post on them.

I have had an overwhelming support from all of my family and friends who have been just as excited for me and my posts every week or month and the other fellow bloggers who continue to view, like and comment on each of my posts. While I know most people aren’t really into reading long blog posts (me included) I have tried to focus on writing shorter posts (except for this one obviously!) but adding as many pretty coloured pictures that I take.

I am so glad my excitement to continue these posts has continued for the year and I hope you all will continue to share my posts, like and comment on them in support of my new hobby. I am also hoping I can continue to grow on this journey of blogging and learn more about the subject as well add to my interests of writing and photography.

Thank you to all who have supported my Life with Bee Community and I hope that you will continue to do so and that I can continue to grow on this journey.

Here are a few of my posts that had the most interaction and likes. Admittedly, they were my favorite too.

Mosaic Tile Art Everywhere… Philadelphia Magic Gardens

Spend a day in Philadelphia

Nature Photography

Christmas Yuletide at Winterthur Museum

Winter Orchids

Thank you all again.

Life with Bee



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