Nemours Mansion and Gardens

While everyone thinks Delaware may be a boring state with nothing to do or see, I would certainly like to disagree. The first state is full of the most beautiful mansions and gardens that I have seen in the many years I have lived in the USA.

While Longwood Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in the bordering state Pennsylvania, just down the road is the most beautiful classical french based Mansion and gardens which is part of the Alfred Dupont legacy.

In the spring of 2018, I decided on a Saturday afternoon to take a leisurely drive to Delaware for an afternoon of strolling and enjoying the beautiful views of this more than 300 acre estate.  A shuttle service from the main office drives you down this beautifully manicured garden and driveway lined with trees. I was so excited to see this and get my first glimpse of the mansion.


The driver finally pulled up to the gates of the mansion and this was my first view of the stunning 77 room mansion. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so beautiful. Admittedly, the picture below is probably one of my all time favorites, with the colors of the mansion and the luscious green trees and grass.

The next few pictures show just how rich and opulent these mansions were. The gardens outside were quiet and well kept with everything in place. My entire day at the mansion and gardens was well spent with lovely views and friendly staff that were knowledgeable and helped with learning about the history.








I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Nemours and hope that you will all get a chance to stop by if you are passing through Wilmington Delaware. There are several other Dupont mansions and gardens in the area for you to stop by and look at. I would most definitely visit again.

I hope you liked my post and my pictures, please leave any comments below. I would love to hear from you all.


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